MASA aims to provide support and counselling for adult male survivors of childhood abuse, male rape victims and male victims of domestic violence. We are no longer able  to offer counselling to children aged five to sixteen who have suffered any type of abuse. We have now used the funding we received  from the BBC Children In Need. We were able to help a number of children. More details on this later on.
MASA Philosophy and Rationale - Sexual abuse, in all its forms, can have  such a traumatic effect on the life of a survivor that it can outlast almost any other event in a child's life. Masa provides support and counselling  to males who have experienced abuse ( most commonly sexual abuse ) either as children or in adult life, to help them explore ways to cope with the damaging effect it is having on their lives.

Contacting Masa  By phone  0789 683 9415
              or by email

Due to financial restrictions counselling is only available on Tuesday evenings.